52 Montgomery St KOGARAH NSW 2214


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 Montgomery St Cafe is located in an historic Heritage Listed building in Kogarah, NSW. 

The decor is in total harmony to this fabulous building and makes even the most stressed surgeons relax and smile... 

Our Campos Coffee prepared by our skilled Barista is smooth and sought out by all within the surrounding suburbs. 

Our menu is simple yet exquisitely tasty.

 The service is always cheery and welcoming, 

making you smile whilst enjoying a peaceful, quaint yet elegant surround. 

Displaying artwork by a local artist, your eye will wonder and keep you enthralled for quite a while. 

We welcome patrons from all walks of life... from the doctors and nurses from the local hospitals, to the very patients they treat... we have even welcomed and served some well-known rugby league players that have visited Kogarah!! 

Come and visit us at the Montgomery St Cafe and experience something wonderful and different, 

right here in thesuburbs.